Project Detail

Title : Bridge over river Teesta in Bansoi on road Chungthang – Lachen in Sikkim.

Associated Client : P. W. D., Himachal Pradesh.

Location : Chungthang – Lachen Road, Sikkim.

Project Description :

We successfully designed and constructed 170m long major P. M. T. Bridge with pre – stressed concrete cantilever type super – structure including 40 M. steel suspension span over Teesta River in Bansoi at Km 18.15 on road Chungthang – Lachen road under project Dantak in Sikkim State. Salient Features: Foundation: R. C. C. Box type abutments filled with plum concrete. Sub Structure: The sizes of abutments are 20.00 X 11.05 X 18.00 M. (Depth). The excavation carried out in hard rock with controlled blasting and chiseling Super Structure : P. S. C. Cantilever type super – structure Box Girder 170 M. including 40 M. single span structural steel suspended central span with R. C. C. decking.  The cantilever super – structure constructed using 12 T / 13 pre – stressing system. Span Arrangement : 2 x 32 M. length anchor span 106 M. cantilever span. Special Construction Technique : The construction of pre – stressed box type super – structure has been carried out with segmental method of construction using moving gantries. The structural steel trusses were fabricated on Ground and launched to the position by special technique.