HR Policy

Providing a safe work environment for everyone is our primary concern at S. P. Singla Constructions Pvt. Ltd. Both, clients and workers benefit from our proven safety program. We firmly believe that a safe work place is the key to operational excellence and eliminates injuries and property damage with the additional benefit of reducing operating costs. Our philosophy is to never let up in our safety efforts and work toward achieving our best every day.


The guiding principle at our organization as an employer is:
  • Equal growth opportunities to all
  • Recognition of every employee’s needs, rights and development aspirations
  • Providing a conducive and stress free work environment
  • Provision of career building opportunities


S. P. Singla Constructions Pvt. Ltd. boasts of a business culture of its own. A reason it has earned high regards from its employees as the preferred employer in this industry. The work culture at the organization allows for a considerable mobility the company hierarchy with a strong emphasis on satisfying the demand for the right talent from within.

Numerous opportunities are available for the staff members to develop and acquire new skills, knowledge and ability through various means like on-the-job-training, third party training etc. The Human Resources department at our organization ensures that the performing employees are compensated and rewarded and properly utilized on the job assignments entrusted to them.


At S. P. Singla Constructions Pvt. Ltd., we believe that quality employees produce quality work and that is the standard by which we train and prepare our workforce.